Welcome to The World of Myth’s Transition issue! Glad you could make it. You may notice changes from last issue as we strive to make The World of Myth the best it can be. This issue boasts talented newcomers to TWoM, as well as a few familiar faces. Join us and enjoy:

Action/Suspence: David Montoya finds the heart despite a horrifying future in The Leftovers.

Art: Kris Frawner delights us with Dragon iMagery and takes us down his own Path.

Fantasy: Mike Phillips gives us two stories: Patrick Donegal shows us the folly of greed in A Faerie Tax, and a group of men find it’s unwise to mess with little old ladies in Blood of the Sacrifice. Jerome Brook’s Scarlet Knight meets a Lady who favors red in You Must Tarry.

Horror: Edwin A. Dark spices up our lives in A Little Too Much Salt, and DeLayna Hensley soars in Control.

Humor: James Hyde proves two is not better than one as a group of teens fight evil in his darkly funny Doppelganger.

Photography: Barry Basore explores the dangers of a ray of light, the mystery of a sunset and the beauty of a Chinese Lantern festival.

Poetry: Shaquana Adams shows us the fury of a woman scorned in Honestly. PKP turns words to magic in Wind-Whisper, Joy, and The Songed. Jeff Young gives us two works of beauty as he introduces us to The Forest Knight and The Guardian.

Science Fiction: James Noguera tugs our heartstrings with his alien tale Homesick. Walt Giersbach makes some surprising new discoveries in Inconveniently Lost and Found.

Columns: In our Movie Review, Reaper Rick gives us the scoop on L.A. Confidential, Dr. Strangelove, and A Clockwork Orange, while Movegoer Grim gives us the scoop on The Amazing Spiderman and shines the light on The Dark Knight Rises. A certain beast reviews the short story anthology Monsterthology, and the game Guild Wars 2 gets a thorough exploration.

Come. “Let us entertain you…” with Issue #55 of The World of Myth.

Sara Saint John
Managing Editor


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