Welcome to The World of Myth’s 54th issue. Glad you could make it. You may notice this issue is smaller than usual, but the talent is just as large.

Action/Adventure: Tom Cook gives us the honor of publishing his first story, along with plenty of action in “Enforcer: Ballad of a Goon”.

Art: Kooky Van Lupe gives us “Bombs Away”, Chris Bailey shows us “Monkey Ears”, Rebecca Lofgren shares lovely “Red Foxes” and David K. Montoya scares us with “The Vampires are Coming”.

Columns: In our Movie Review, Moviegoer Grim gives us the scoop on the 3D Star Wars Episode I, The Phantom Menace, Titanic 3D, Stan Helsing, Green Lantern and the late, great George Carlin’s last show “It’s Bad for Ya!”. Luna Lupine reviews The Host. Xilera reveals The Myth of Beltane in her article on myths, and then takes a different turn to review the game Prototype 2. Finally, The Professor gives us a telling interview in Part 2 of David K. Montoya.

Fantasy: Kat O’Reilly’s heroine Malak hates magic in “They call Me Malak”.

Horror: Mike Phillips gives us the creeps in “Bone, Moon, Blood and Vine”.

Humor: Molly Moss makes us glad she didn’t give up writing in “It Runs in the Family”.

Photography: Barry Basore tickles our funny bone and pays homage to Godzilla in “The Attack and “Fight!”. Terry Scheerer cranks up mysterious in “Skull Series” and Lacie Montoya shows us art in “Hot Air Adventure” and “Meet Me In The Sticks”.

Poetry: Barry Basore gives us food for thought in 5 poems of diverse subject. Lauren Frawner goes darker in “Poem I” and “Poem II”.

Science Fiction: Jack Dungeon shows us a whole new use for a little device called “The Hairpin”.

On another note: The World of Myth has been going through some changes. You’ll be pleased to know we’ve listened to your feedback. In order to give you the best online magazine possible, and in order to get back to our roots, so to say, TWoM will be taking a short hiatus. When we come back, our magazine will be the best possible, while returning to a familiar, more intimate feel. See you soon!

Meanwhile, enjoy the talents of this issue’s contributors. “Let us entertain you…” with Issue #54 of The World of Myth.

Sara Saint John
Managing Editor


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