Video Game Review

By: Xilera

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TITLE: Final Fantasy 13-2

This issue I bring a fairly new game, Final Fantasy 13-2. As most of you know this franchise is fairly large and many people were looking forward to this release. In FFX 13-2 you follow the second chapter with the heroes of Cocoon. For those of you who have not player the first game. This game follows the events of the after math of the fall of Cocoon. After FFX 13’s heroin Lightning along with Fang and Vanille gave their lives to save Serah from her fate as a Crystal God. In FFX 13-2 Serah has a dream, but knows it couldn’t possibly be true. She dreams of Lightning battling a Strange man in an unknown place. This dream couldn’t possibly be true, or could it? Serah continues to wonder about this dream until one day she meets a man named Noel. When Noel tells her that Lightning has sent him into the past to find her, Serah knows what she must do. They then set out on a journey to not only find Lightning but to discover, and hopefully change the future. I really love this game, and found it fairly straight forward and a lot of fun to play. It has the same combat system as the first so if you have played FFX 13 you will feel right at home. If you haven’t played the first you will find it just as easy. It has plenty of tutorials and also a primer that tells you everything about the story leading up to this one. FFX 13-2 is much like most of the Final Fantasy franchise in that it is filled with a rich that will surely pull you in. This game also have a monster taming system which lets you fight along side many of your favorite monsters. So yes you can finally have a permanent Chocobo companion. So if you haven’t already I highly recommend you go out and snag a copy of this. If you are as much in love with the Final Fantasy Franchise as I am you will not be disappointed. This game not only gets my heart but it gets 5 Stars.



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