Welcome to The World of Myth’s 52nd issue! Glad you could make it. Here’s a little taste of what we have in store for you, beloved readers.

Horror: Jen Ricci tells us what happens when a young girl encounters the beautiful and mysterious Zara on “The Road to Vegas”, and Jason Sturner proves a snow storm brings out the worst for a writer in “Red Icicles”.

Science Fiction: In “Chalice Hold”, Andrew Sweeney’s protagonist discovers the horrible secret of the Purge.

Humor: J. Wint gives us a grisly and dark laugh in Part One of his horror comedy “Speak No Evil”, and Terrance Kuch teaches us a lesson in measurement in “How the Foot Came to Be”.

Fantasy: In Jamie Marchant’s “As Luck Would Have It”, a thief finds himself (justifyingly?) down on his luck, and Phil Temples gives us a satisfying bit of the unexpected in “Chiral Nature”.

Action/Adventure: In “Wild Kingdom”, T.G. Browning shows us it isn’t wise to piss off Doris, and Tom Howard takes us to a Peru we’ve never expected in “Saint Joan the Two Headed Llama.”

Poetry: In “Arachnophobia Cured”, Jason Sturner gives us a different take on spiders, as well as reminds us of a scary truth in “Each Second That Passes”. Elizabeth Barrett shows us a beautifully mysterious take on sight in “Clearsight”.

Art: T.G. Browning gives us a wonderfully macabre little landscape in “Yellow Door Baker

Photography: In our new section, I show the dark side of the family in “Uncle Joe” and “One Scary Dude” and let’s all welcome two new contributors to the fold, Lacie Montoya and Veronica Bane as they offer us a peek of their artistic talents.

Columns: In our Movie Review, Moviegoer Grim gives us the scoop on Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, Our Idiot Brother, Temple Grandin and Underworld: Awakening. While in human form, Luna Lupine reviews our own Terry Scheerer’s The Dragon Hunters and Other Tails. Xilera reveals the world of elves in her article “The Myth of the Elves”, then takes a different turn to review the game “Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning”. Finally, The Creature of Myth… ummm… The Professor gives us a telling interview with our new Editor: me.

So, keep your computer fired up, grab your beverage of choice, sit back and enjoy Issue 52 of The World of Myth.

Sara Saint John
Managing Editor


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