Welcome To The World Of Myth

Welcome to the grand re-opening of the World Of Myth. Now, anyone can submit their work, whether it be writing or art. And we want to see it, in either medium, so send it in! If it really moves us, we’ll put it on the site!

As you can tell, there have been some things added, as well as a few things removed.

For one thing, we no longer have a prearranged release date. Instead, we will update the site as new material comes in. This means there is no pressure on the creative people involved ( well, there is still some pressure – after all, the site doesn’t just come together by magic, you know), and it gives the staff freedom to create whenever the mood strikes them.

The biggest change to the site will be that there is no longer a comic book section. Now, this does not mean that if you create a really great comic book, we won’t put it up. It just means that the administration will not be producing any at this time.

A new addition to our site is the poetry section. Here, we give the creative poet an opportunity to be e-published!

But perhaps the most exciting section that we have opened is our Art Gallery. There, you will be able to see great art work from tomorrows up and coming stars!

So, with that being said let the fun begin!


The fun never stops at the World Of Myth!..