Our brand of entertainment appeals to a broad demographic audience, with MythWurks Corporation LLC’s (MythWurks Corporation LLC.,) advertising focusing on males from 12 to 40. Our brand offers sponsors the opportunity to integrate their messages into every MythWurks Corporation LLC., property on this site. This quintessential one-stop shopping approach has been the catalyst of our advertising growth.

MythWurks Corporation LLC., will proudly publish anti-smoking campaigns targeted to youth and teens from the following companies: Lorillard, Youth Smoking Prevention and the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Become one of our diverse advertisers. The following are industries are welcome as well: footwear, sporting goods, apparel, transportation, food and beverage, personal care, video games, music, and fitness industries.

We are offering fantastic advertising rates as follows:

1 Issue through 5 issue is $5 per issue.

All 6 issues (6 issues published a year) has been reduced to $20 (a $10 which is like having 2 issues free!)

12 issues (2 years total) has been reduced to $50 (a $10 which is like having 2 months free!)

18 issues (3 years total) has been reduced to $75 (which is a $15 savings or 3 issues free!)

24 issues (4 years total) before the reduced price normally costs $120 but is reduced to $90 (that’s $30 off or 6 issues – which is a whole year – free!)

Sponsorship Rate:

Become a Sponsor for the magazine; have your logo (which will be connected to a link of your choice) to every page in each new issue.


Promotional PartnersRates Per Issue:

1 Issue $1200
6 Issue $6000
12 Issue $9600

All payment should be made through Pay Pal. We will send an invoice to those interested.

Every advertiser is given a username and password so they can log in and see how many hits the magazine gets as well as how many people have entered their website through The World of Myth. If you are ready the join The World of Myth Family of Advertising, please contact Kevin Adams and he will welcome you into our family!


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